Reasons Why Reading Is Important For Children

Reading is a basic skills every person requires in order to complete daily tasks. The best time to train and gain this skill is during the young age. Young children are better at grasping new concepts and skills than the elderly so this is the ideal age to start reading. Reading also helps a child in school and with his basic education. There are many benefits of reading and here are some of it.

Brain Development

Reading is the best exercise for the brains development. There are many interesting reading books for kids and also books for dyslexic children which parents and teachers can provide the child with. Rather than spending time in front of the television watching unnecessary cartoons and movies, reading improves the connections in the brain. It also helps in forming new connections within the brain.

Cognitive Abilities

Reading is also important for the development of cognitive abilities in a child such as imagination and creativity. Interesting and fun decodable books for children must be purchased for the kids to encourage reading from a very young age. The stories and characters widens the child’s imagination and is a great way to improve his creativity. Reading also benefits the kid in problem solving and practical sums.


The ideal way to learn a language is by reading it. Therefore reading improves the child’s grammar, vocabulary as well as writing skills. The child is able to learn new words from the stories and by reading he is able to learn better than by being taught by the teachers.


Reading is an activity which requires silence and focus. Therefore by reading the child is able to focus better on all the other things. Reading enhances concentration levels and affects the child’s performance in school greatly.


Most children shy away from conversations because of the inability to converse well. By reading the child is able to improve communication skills because he will communicate with the parent or teacher and he will also understand and learn from the conversations between the characters in the book. By reading the child will also grasp new emotions and tones in which the conversation is being held.


Reading increases the child’s level of knowledge. New stories and ideas will make the child want to learn more about the topic until all his doubts are clarified thoroughly. Reading different books exposes the child to a wide range of people, countries and also culture. This awareness makes the child open minded about different beliefs and systems in the world.